• Essential Oils | Blended & Classic
  • Essential Oils | Blended & Classic

Essential Oils | Blended & Classic


  • Blends are 100% pure essential oil blended with grape-seed oil for an easy-to-use option for the entire family. Roll on or Diffuse!
  • Each glass bottle measures 2.25" tall and 0.685" in diameter and holds 5ml of oil
  • Roller Ball included upon purchase


    BREATH | Peppermint, eucalyptus & lemon This blend of essential oils helps support a healthy respiratory system.

    SLEEP| Lavender + Cedarwood | A scent formulated to aid a peaceful night's sleep. This soothing blend can help with a restful night of sleep.

    Aunt Flo | (lavender, geranium & lemon) A soothing, fragrant essential oil blend, this combination is often used to deal with PMS days.

    RELAXED | Relaxing calming scent, otherwise known as "a vacation in a bottle". This blend of fragrances soothes the body, mind and nerves, and helps tension melt away.


    PEPPERMINT | Great wake-me-up, respiratory issues, leg and joint relief, reflux and fevers, Pest Control, Motion Sickness

    GRAPEFRUIT | Metabolism, blemishes, cramps, mood booster. 

    EUCALYPTUS | Seasonal nasal discomforts, coughs, asthma, congestion, hot flashes

    LEMONGRASS | Supports normal digestion, tendonitis, nerve pain, carpal tunnel, muscle aches. Hair & Nail Health

    LAVENDER | Encouraging a calm spirit, soothing insect irritations, skin reactions, headaches.