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All American Girl

All American Girl

Welcome Boss Babes ---- so this is the Blog! EEEK 

First of all, let me put one thing out there. I am by no means a profesh at any of this...
any encouragement is welcome & you will be able to grow with me as a fashion blogger. I want to bring you looks that I love, adore, live-in and want to just share with you all! If you do not know the woman behind the screen, I'm Allyson Bush (HOLA!) Owner of a little shop called the Daisy Village. We strive to bring fashion forward & adorable outfits to women in small or big town USA. Located in the heart of Northwest, Oklahoma -- All the looks you see will be available on or our Brick & Mortar store. 

Also welcome our new Daisy Girl -- Kayla McClain, Kayla is an Alva Native and we are so excited to have her on our team to show off the fab new items that have here at the Daisy! 

Memorial Weekend--- the first weekend of Summer & time to break out those tank tops! 

The look we are loving, light layers & denim....


These denim jeans are to die for, great stretch, no see through holes and the ankle can be rolled up or down for preference! Also the Kimono --- we know it is fab! We just placed it out on the floor today & it has sold out. 

We see you girl --- Quay Sunnies are making an entrance into our store this month. 
Quay of Australia makes some fabulous styles, most of them are super reflective like this style called Running Riot.



Tank // USA Tank 
Kimono // Floral Freedom in Blue
Denim// Distressed Rolled Highwaters
Towel // American Flag Round Towel
Bracelets // Rustic Cuff Alex $38 <<in store exclusive>>
QUAY // Running Riot

More to come......

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