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  • $14.99
Car Scents are the perfect gift to those who adore an aroma in their car, classroom or office space! These scents are handmade in Oklahoma + infused with oils that release when left in open area. They are a BEST SELLER since they can last up to 2 MONTHS! Each scent comes packaged with twine for hanging.

  • BUTT NAKED Sweet heliotrope, honeydew, vanilla, blend of pineapples & tropical fruits!
  • COWBOY Citrus, bergamot, sea salt, amber wood all on a bed of cedarwood and exotic musk
  • BLACK RASPBERRY VANILLA a very unique blend of fruity, floral and sweet. You've just got to smell it to love it *One of the Top 5 most popular scents*

Due to the variations - each scent color may differ

These scents work best in areas they can breath! If you feel like the scent has gone from your shape, simply stick it in a warm area like in a window or in front of a heater for 10 minutes. This will help reactivate the scent!

Caution: Please do not lay Car Fresheners on wood or other surfaces, they do contain fragrance oils that may stain. Always hang the car freshener in your vehicle, do not lay on the dash. Do not eat. NOT A TOY.