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  • $15.00

Experience a glamo-riffic boost with Hair Tinsel ✨ Simple for us to install and soooo many colors to choose from, it's easy to find the shades that'll make your locks stand out!

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* Tinsel is currently is coupon exempt

What is Hair Tinsel?
Tinsel hair is a temporary and subtle way to add color to your hair without committing to a dye job or highlights. 

Whats Included in the Appointment?
$15 Includes Your Color Choice of 3 Strands of Tinsel + Installation Bead 
The Strands are Doubled when Installed for Maximum Sparkle!

How Longs does it Take?
Installation takes 5 minutes or less per person per bead.

How Long Does Hair Tinsel Last?
Tinsel Stays in place with no damage to the hair for 1-2 Months

Are the Safe to Style & Wash?
The strands are designed to be low maintenance and easily incorporated into your daily routine. You can wash, brush, and style it however you like, hair tinsel is heat resistant!

How Do I Remove Hair Tinsel?
Removing beaded tinsel extensions requires needle nose pliers. Locate the bead and pinch it on the sides until the bead opens. Slide it off your hair. Repeat until you remove all the tinsel hair.

Want to bring a Group?
We would love to Book your Group of 3+ for Tinsel
, please be aware we may require 1 week booking time to accommodate for larger groups depending on seasonal events! 

Want us to Pop Up at your next event?
Contact us for Open Dates